Native Resolution has been part of The Land of Hopeless Utopian's crew since 2007.

We manage video in the dome at festivals events. Prior to events we provide information and templates to other artist's performing in the dome. During events we set up the video control infrastructure, mange artist changeovers, troubleshot any problems and VJ our own material.

Events we have worked on as part of The Land of Hopeless Utopian's include.

Technical Details

2011 - Onwards

We are now using a 12x8 VGA Matrix switcher for routing signals to the projectors and monitors.

We are using Mac's running Mad Mapper and VJ software that outputs through syphon. Matrox Dual and Triple head boxes are used for multiple outputs.

The advantage of this over the previous setup is that Mad Mapper / Syphon technologies are quickly becoming common / standard so we can provide a mapping file that will allow other artists and VJ's to immediately take advantage of the geometry of the dome.

2008 - 2010

We built a very customised system running on a networked cluster of 3 PC's. The system used VVVV for the video mapping. Control of VVVV was through OSC and driven by a command line python program and a monome 40h.